We’re here to champion creatives.

We believe the future for Artists, Designers and Makers is blossoming and we want to see them thrive.

Imagine a world where artisan businesses took centre stage over the likes of Amazon.

What if people chose to value quality, authenticity and humanity over price and convenience?

In the midst of the digital revolution and a world of automation and mass production there is a growing appreciation for artisan businesses. Handmade products and hands-on experiences offer people something unique. Artfully crafted with a human touch.

There are an estimated 11,620 craft businesses in the UK. 88% of these are sole traders.

www.thecreativeindustries.co.uk (2018)

Our Values


Artful Collective aims to be a brand which stands for the very best in art and craft made locally. Our curated approach allows artists the space to stand out and makes it easy for people to find excellence in craft and visual arts. Whilst our online platform is selective we support artisans at any level to develop quality in their creative and business practice.

values - opportunity


Our raison d'être is to seek out and provide opportunities for artisans to exhibit, sell , teach, learn, inspire and be inspired! We believe that the creation and enjoyment of art and craft is good for the soul. It adds richness to life. We have the privilege of working with both emerging and established creatives and sharing in their business journey.

values - collaboration


We love to collaborate, whether that means combining forces to work on a joint project, sharing skills or resources, or mutual promotion. Our creative community and networking events provide an opportunity for artists to connect and collaborate. We also aim to seek out opportunities to partner with other organisations.

values - discovery


Life offers us so many chances to learn, explore and grow. We are big believers in taking those chances. We want to upskill, try new things, read more, listen more and share what we gain along the way. Discovery also plays out through our activities , from unearthing creativity through workshops to helping people discover new artists and makers.

ceramic vase


We appreciate the handmade. The personal touch. Storytelling. Mistakes. Honesty. When you buy from an artisan maker you are buying all of the above, and what you get is something that cannot be automated or reproduced. Authenticity also applies to the way we work with our clients and community - we are honest and open whilst remaining professional.

Our Story

We launched in 2018 with our first pop up at Sir Harold Hillier Gardens in Hampshire. The event was held in response to a call from local artists for a new platform to sell their work, following the closure of Rum’s Eg Gallery in Romsey. We could see that there was demand for a curated event which offered artists a quality showcase, and the public the opportunity to meet and buy directly from the makers. 

Following the success of this first event we developed our pop-up workshop programme, enabling artists to share their skills with others, and inspiring people to explore their own creativity. The workshops provide freelance opportunities for artists and also contribute to supporting the venues which host them.

As we continue to provide opportunities for artists to exhibit, sell and teach we are working on other ways to support them. We offer promotional, training and development opportunities and are creating a supportive community from which to share resources and skills. We’re establishing connections with schools, businesses and community groups who want to connect with artists. We want to see people inspired to follow their dreams and turn hobbies into businesses, and for those businesses to spread joy, inspiration and creativity for all. 

We are primarily based in the UK counties of Hampshire, Wiltshire & Dorset.

Meet the Team Artful Collective

Meet the Team

Rebecca Maddox

Managing Director

Rebecca's background is in graphic design and printmaking. Most of her career however has been spent in events management and running several small businesses. A natural initiator, Rebecca loves to collaborate and innovate and brings together her passion for creativity, enterprise and community with Artful Collective. She continues to work as a freelance project manager and small business mentor.

Elizabeth Hammond


Elizabeth is a Visual Artist who uses drawing as her primary practice to investigate her incongruous ideas about animals and domestic objects. Through these compositions, a provoking and unusual narrative is created for the viewer. She completed her MA in Visual Art at Curtin University at the end of 2008 and has exhibited internationally.An instinctive educator Elizabeth loves teaching all ages and is passionate about providing creative opportunities for all.

Georgina Ettridge


Georgina Ettridge is an award winning jeweller who is particularly known for her leaf designs inspired by the New Forest. After establishing her business in 1999 having graduated with a BA (hons) degree in Three Dimension Design she has gone on to supply galleries, high street retailers and now mainly creates bespoke items of jewellery.