Caroline Hiron

Mixed Media

Caroline’s art is united by a driving force of pattern, texture and colour, with nature as her primary inspiration. She finds comfort in the order and symmetry found in our natural environment but also embraces the chaotic unpredictability of life and its perpetual state of flux. Caroline’s work explores a combination of these different elements and how they can work in harmony within one image. Constant experimentation with a wide variety of mediums underpins the development of ideas and often dictates the direction of their outcomes.

Her artwork often evolves through photography which she uses as a backdrop on which to add an instinctive application of a variety of processes. Mixed media has always characterized the artistic style of her work which is constantly evolving. This often occurs naturally through accidental discovery. Additionally a love of Eastern cultures often makes an appearance in some form or another.

About The Artist

Caroline was born in Swansea, South Wales, in the 60’s and has always lived by the sea. This has been a constant factor in her connection to the natural elements. She now lives in Gosport, in Hampshire, not too far from the sea! Caroline left school at 16 and went straight to Art college. The next seven years were a voyage of self-discovery which culminated in an M.A. in Printed Textiles from The Royal College of Art. For twelve years she worked as a secondary school Art teacher and loved the experience of sharing her knowledge and experience with young people. ¬†She is now dedicating all of her time and energy into developing her ideas and skills as a mixed media artist.

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