Creative Connections

Creative Connections is our supportive community for Artists, Designers and Makers to connect and learn from each other. 

As creatives we share many of the same everyday challenges. We battle with how to promote ourselves and feel confident about pricing and value. Many of us are still trying to find the sweet spot when it comes to balancing artistic integrity with commercial demands.

Our aim is to help you stay motivated and inspired and support you to grow your business. We encourage members of our community to share advice and skills and seek out opportunities for collaboration and learning. 

You can join our community by coming along to one of our regular meet-ups or joining our Facebook group. Most of our events take place in the Hants/Wilts/Berks/Dorset area, and our primary focus is to support Creatives in this region. If this sounds like your cup of tea, then we’d love you to join us.

“Inspirational to talk to others. Worth it just to be networking and being inspired.”

“Today has been very useful. I nearly said I was too busy to come – worth carving out the time.”

“Superb networking opportunities. Great mix of creatives.”