Dawn Gear


Dawn’s jewellery is created from her home in the New Forest, where she is inspired by her garden and assisted by her two cats! She primarily works in sterling silver using traditional techniques, and although she loves all forms of silversmithing she has become known to have a particular passion for silver earrings. Her work is elegant and traditional with strong and stunning shapes, however she also enjoys trying new materials and ideas.  
In addition to semi-precious gemstones she utilises a range of mixed media including resin and sculptural materials.  Most recently she has been experimenting with crocheting wire to create large, lightweight and colourful pieces of jewellery.


“I love the opportunities new materials give to expand design possibilities, add colour or texture to my pieces. I spend a lot of time photographing nature in my garden which is a constant source of inspiration.”

About The Artist

Dawn has nearly 20 years experience as a jeweller  – starting out at an adult education class where she fell in love with silversmithing and continuing for several years at Flux n Flame Jewellery School in Dorset.

All of her work is handmade and finished with very little mechanisation other than a little pillar drill. Her very favourite piece of equipment is her rolling mill and she is constantly looking for anything that she can use to create a new texture. In this way she makes every single item individual and unique to the wearer.

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