Elizabeth Hammond

Painting & Drawing, Paper & Print

Elizabeth Hammond uses drawing to investigate seemingly conflicting objects and animals with different surfaces and textures, she employs the single medium of a 2B pencil to investigate these. Through these incongruous compositions, a provoking and unusual narrative is created for the viewer, inspired by classic children’s literature specifically Beatrix Potter, Carrol’s Alice in Wonderland and Norton’s The Borrowers. She mimics Carrol’s and Norton’s inherent notions of scale and plays with these in her drawing. The drawings are often left unfinished as a way in for the viewer, a gifting.

About The Artist

One of the most entrancing characteristics of Elizabeth’s work is her ability to draw the viewer into her way of seeing the world where one takes nothing for granted and everything is new and interesting; an Alice like wonder at the beauty of unlikely objects. This is echoed in her three dimensional paper art.

Elizabeth is a British artist who has exhibited as part of numerous exhibitions in England and Australia. She completed her MA in Visual Art at Curtin University, WA in 2008. She enjoys working to commission and takes a collaborative approach with her customers to create these unique works. She lives in Romsey, Hampshire. Elizabeth is also a founder member of Artful Collective.

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