Evelyn Bartlett

Painting & Drawing

Evelyn’s painting style usually uses gouache – a throw-back from her early career in graphic design. On selecting a scene or subject which fires her imagination she simplifies it into areas of tone strength – lights, mediums and darks. Her work is regularly likened to the old-style British Rail posters. Whilst she agrees there is a similarity this is not her inspiration; she has simply always had a love of picture reduction and silhouette shapes. Evelyn’s inspiration can come from anywhere but is most generally in landscape or seascape. The crucial thing that makes her catch her breath is the contrast between light and dark, highlights and deep shadows.

About The Artist

Evelyn gained a degree in Graphic Design at Kingston in Surrey and loved every moment. However,her first job was with a publisher and through that, she was given lots of detailed illustrative freelance work. A few years later, art generally was put on the ‘back-burner’ as she raised a family and became a carer for her husband. Having moved to Hampshire in 2007, she jumped at the opportunity to paint again, but this time with her own choice of subject! The style she chose seemed to be popular from the outset, so she travelled the coast and countryside with her camera, capturing more scenes that fired my imagination. If a painting is progressing well and she’s listening to her favourite music…that’s creative heaven!

Evelyn very occasionally paints outdoors with acrylics, but anything serious gets done in my studio, not in the wind and sun!

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