George Shapland – Butterwood

Wood Turning

George has a passion for all woods, but particularly the rich colours and grains of exotic hardwoods that are all obtained from Forestry Stewardship Council approved sources. To make the most of these woods, he mainly focuses on segmented designs that allow him to mix different woods in both geometric and random patterns. The domestic woods he uses are mostly from windfall or have been felled locally by necessity and he will often use these to make more free flowing designs with a natural edge. He makes a wide variety of items, including bowls, platters, boxes, vases, hollow forms and Christmas trees which have proved to be a seasonal best seller.

About The Artist

George retired from the army in 2017 after a 33 year career and after a course with the master wood turner, Stuart Mortimer, who has continued to mentor and encourage him to this day. George became a full time turner in 2018 and turned professional in 2019 when he launched Butterwood to put his passion on a more businesslike footing. Following an assessment, he was invited to join the Register of Professional Turners in September the same year. He is based in the Avon Valley between Salisbury and Marlborough and has never been happier or felt more fulfilled.

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