Meet The Maker – Caroline Hiron

selfie of artist with paintings
Caroline is a Mixed Media artist based in Gosport, Hampshire.


Hi Caroline, What sets you up for a day in the studio?


I am extremely lucky to have a small studio at the bottom of the garden which means that everything is set up and ready to go. It also enables me to feel that I am going to work every day. I usually walk the dog first thing in the morning, which allows me time to contemplate ideas and think about what I would like to achieve that day. Sounds perfect I know! Doesn’t always work out quite like that!!


How did you develop your style? 


My style has developed over many years and is still developing. I love to experiment and have never really stuck to the rules. I completely admire artists that are the master of one technique or medium but it’s not for me. I really love to use mediums in different combinations and am influenced by a huge range of artists, designers, and cultures.
work in progress, mixed media artwork in gold and orange
fine liner drawing of tree
mixed media close up with embroidery butterfly and post pen flowers
Do you have a favourite tool or process?


Probably my favourite process is to work in layers. I always work in collections, which I think is a hangover from training as a textile print designer. You could say that all of my work is just one constant development. I adjust each piece slightly whilst observing how all of the elements and layers work together. When I visualise an idea for a new collection I always see it in layers.


What personal touches do you like to include in your work?


I love to add a reflective medium as I have always been captivated by the way the light hits a shiny surface. I introduce these touches because it adds a metamorphic element to my work, as it transforms with the changing light, from early morning to the artificial lights of night time. Each piece takes on a variety of different moods, colours and appearances. This is my way to bring nature to life.
What do you do to relax?

I could quite easily spend all day reading, looking at beautiful art books and listening to music with no interruptions. My idea of heaven!

What are you currently working on?

I am currently developing a series of work which I have called ‘Hope’. This has developed as a response to the events that have unfolded over the last year and a half. Some terrible things have happened but what I have seen in amongst it all is ‘hope’. Trees have always been my passion and I am using these as a visual message to represent the many different elements of our world. I already have ideas for several more series which all start with the letter ‘H’!
tree mixed media artwork
What do you think you would be doing if you weren’t an artist?


I can’t imagine not doing something creative? I did want to be a vet when I was growing up and absolutely loved horses, so maybe something to do with animals. I also would have loved to have been a dancer if I’d been born into a different body! Ha, ha!


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