Sian Appleyard


Sian’s hand printed images are inspired by the ever changing landscape: a distinctive shape, the interesting placement of man made forms or the way in which the passage of time has altered surfaces to produce beautiful colours, patterns and textures.

The collagraph printing process is Sian’s current favourite with its potential for such varied mark making. Plates are created by cutting away and adding to a surface layer which is then sealed before ink is applied. Sian works both in relief and intaglio, often both on the same plate and with multiple plates often overprinted to produce the final image. Sian prefers to print in small limited editions and likes the idea that due to the inking and wiping process she can create prints which, although similar across a print run, are each unique in various ways.

About The Artist

Originally graduating as a graphic designer, Sian discovered print making relatively recently. Since moving to the New Forest area she has enjoyed wandering by the sea and inland, observing and capturing in print features which catch her eye. Sian’s prints often start from sketches drawn on location playing with both graphic composition and abstract shape to convey ideas.

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