Sylvia Tomkinson


Sylvia designs and hand crafts her jewellery using Titanium, Silver, gold and semi-precious stones to create a number of distinctive collections within her jewellery range. In particular she uses the contrasts of colour or texture to create her unique designs, for example adding gold as decoration on a silver piece, using a textured pattern with oxidation or setting gemstones in silver or gold.

When Titanium is anodised, a wide range of beautiful colours result. Sylvia makes extensive use of this technique and she uses it widely in the creation of pieces for her Titanium collection.

The use of techniques such as reticulation, piercing, controlled heat treatment and the generation of varied surface textures using a rolling mill, give Sylvia the scope to create the variety of styles and designs that characterise her work.

About The Artist

Sylvia was born and grew up in North London and worked in the Banking industry until she married. She developed a passion for making jewellery after taking a number of courses in the subject, for which she set up her own workshop at home. She sold her work through local Arts Societies, galleries and exhibitions for about ten years and then worked in IT for a number of well-known companies.

She returned to jewellery making in 2005 improving and refining her skills by taking courses and participating in skills specific workshops. Sylvia is also a member of The Association for Contemporary Jewellery and The Guild of Jewellery Designers.

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