The Big Pause...

Reflections of Lockdown

Our first Open Art Competition invited people to submit their artwork created during or inspired by lockdown.

Creativity has been an an important way for many people to express their experiences and feelings over recent months. The Big Pause – Reflections of Lockdown art exhibition brings together a collection of works submitted by both amateur and professional artists in response to the theme, ‘The Big Pause.’ 

The competition and exhibition has raised £361 for Hope In Depression, a UK charity providing education, support and most importantly community for those suffering with depression & anxiety. 

Prize Winners

The Big Pause - Lockdown Art Exhibition

Overall Winner

Troy by Chrissie Collins

Mixed Media Collage on board, 35x35cm


Chrissie said of her artwork “This illustration for Homer’s Iliad features Achilles, Helen of Troy and the Trojan Horse. Similar to Covid 19 the city of Troy was held under seige and ‘lockdown’.”

Judges Comments: “This work is bold and instinctive. The edge quality, variety of tone and strong composition combine to make this work dramatic and interesting. The concept is very thought provoking and evident in the imagery and unusual combination of elements.”

The Big Pause - Lockdown Art Exhibition

Runner Up

Isolation by Andrea Kirby

Acrylic on reclaimed board


Andrea said of her artwork, “I thought I would depict how we were all isolated and the total feeling of isolation we felt, stuck in our homes, no-one around for miles, just us and the house.”

Judge’s comments: “This quiet yet striking work represents clearly and strongly the feeling of isolation so many experienced during the lockdown. The expert use of colour, perspective and mark making led to a really engaging work.”

The Big Pause - Lockdown Art Exhibition

Runner Up

Daily Exercise by Katy Cambridge

Digital Illustration, A4 Giclee Print


Katy said of her artwork, “When lockdown first began, life was difficult for a lot of people; families were separated. For some, they were together and it was lovely to see. Life slowed down and what was really important became clear to us all.”

Judges Comments: “This lovely illustration stood out as a gentle representation of the experience of lockdown for so many. To focus on the family with no background to detract cleverly brings this element of the concept to the fore.”

The Big Pause

Virtual Exhibition


Our Chosen Charity

Hope In Depression offer free online courses which bring people out of isolation and into a safe and confidential community with people who understand.

Their courses explore the causes and symptoms of depression and anxiety, teach about brain chemistry, medication, different types of counselling and therapy.

25% of the selling price of each artwork sold through this exhibition will be donated to Hope In Depression. In some cases, where stated, the artist has chosen to donate 100% of their sale.

For more information about the charity and their upcoming courses visit

Charity art exhibition

Our Sponsors

Thanks to Test Valley Arts Foundation for generously donating the cash prizes for the Judges Choice Awards.