Tibor Eperjessy


Tibor’s work is strongly influenced by traditional Eastern European hand crafts which he combines with simplicity, a love of colours and a great appreciation for natural leather as a raw material. He finds the strength, texture and durability of leather lends itself to the classic lines and simple elegance of his designs. Tibor’s leather works age beautifully, developing a glossy patina with time and wear.

About The Artist

Tibor’s career as an Artisan started in Hungary, in the early 1990s. He spent 2 years familiarising himself with various natural materials and traditional crafts such as weaving, wool felting and basket making. Eventually he discovered leather and stayed with it. Tibor was enchanted by the suppleness and warmth of the material and marvelled at the artefacts made by the material; their durability and patina appealed to him greatly.

In 1992 Tibor spent six months learning alongside a traditional harness-maker who had a great knowledge of his craft, where he learnt a great deal about making traditional Hungarian harness ornaments. Apart from this six month-period he is completely self taught.

Over time he has established his own style. Colours, organic forms and unusual clasps becoming recognisable features of his bags and accessories. He now lives in Hampshire.

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Tibor Eperjessy