Hannah Cantellow


Hannah Cantellow specialises in creating limited edition linocut relief prints and textured collagraph intaglio prints. Her artworks are inspired by her observations of beautiful forms in nature. Walking informs much of her practice and she draws upon these connected experiences to create printed images that tell their own unique story, which she calls token of place. She is inspired by the rolling hills, stone circles and the iconic clumps of trees in Wiltshire. Always seeking the deeper meaning of places, their histories and stories, her prints have been referred to as ‘quilts’ and ‘tapestries’ because of their weaving of symbolic features and patterned elements.

She offers a bespoke service with custom and personalised linocut prints. When working to commission, the dialogue with her client is one of her favourite parts of the printmaking journey. Clients often refer to her as a ‘mind reader’ for bringing their desired design to life.

About The Artist

A Wiltshire based artist and trained printmaker, Hannah specialised in Multi-Disciplinary Printmaking at the University of the West of England in Bristol and later completed her MA in Social Sculpture & Connective Practice at Oxford Brookes University in 2018. It was during this time that she explored other ways of being in and with the world, which enabled her pursue her dreams and impulses to make beautiful things for people.

Observing nature, making and learning about the world through being immersed in its many wondrous forms has been a fascination for Hannah since she can remember. Wherever she walks, the landscape brings continuous inspiration through its patterns of enchantment and magical charm. The objects she collects call out to her and provide a vital resource as her cabinet of curiosities at her home printmaking studio.

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