Meet The Maker – Rachel Reynolds

Rachel Reynolds Meet The Maker

What personal touches do you like to include in your work?

There is usually an element of the personal within the story or theme linking each
collection, such as the ‘Heritage’ collection inspired from my Burmese and Scottish parental heritage, ‘Flora and Fauna’ Collection inspired from walks in Hampshire and holidays in Cornwall. Keeping the hand drawn aspects are important for me from initial design concept through to the final product, particularly when digital printing is part of my process. I do enjoy adding personal touches with the packaging including a hand written thank you postcard, or an illustrated note explaining a few extra
details about the product.

Rachel Reynolds Meet The Maker
Rachel Reynolds Meet The Maker
Rachel Reynolds Meet The Maker

Rachel is a Hampshire based printed textiles designer who creates a unique collection of hand drawn and digitally printed luxury interior textiles and home accessories.

We caught up with her for a behind the scenes glimpse of her working process and inspiration.

Hi Rachel, What sets you up for a day in the studio?

A morning run, coffee and BBC radio 6.

Do you have a favourite tool or process?

Pencil and paper. I love the immediacy of drawing.

Rachel Reynolds Meet The Maker

What do you do to relax?

Walk, sketch, listen to music. I love reading a good book but that normally requires a

What is your best selling product?

My bone china mugs.

What are you currently working on?

Part of my work involves freelance design and I’m currently working for a company creating designs using archival material for printed textiles for the museum and heritage sector.
For my own business, I recently added a new collection of Flora and Fauna Tea Towels and I have ideas for a new collection which have been on the back burner, I plan to bring those to fruition this year. Inspiration will be from my travels, nature and lino prints.

What are you looking forward to in 2021?

People! I miss the live events and shows.

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Rachel Reynolds Meet The Maker
Rachel Reynolds Meet The Maker