1:1 Silver Jewellery Classes

With Kathryn Arbon 

These 1:1 jewellery making classes are suitable for complete beginners, and more experienced students wishing to expand their knowledge or continue personal projects with some support. 

New students can expect to be taught the basic processes and techniques involved in traditional jewellery making.  Courses are individually tailored to each student’s needs, aspirations and goals.  

The fee for a 1:1 Class is £120 for a day, which consists of 5 hrs with one hour for lunch. Or four 2 hour sessions over a number of weeks – £160. Both options include ‘Zoom’ check-ins if projects are being carried on with at home.

Classes are carried out in Kathryn’s teaching studio where she can currently take one student at a time.


1:1 Silver Jewellery Classes


Typical processes that may be covered in a 1:1 session

· The use of a piercing saw, for cutting shapes from silver to create designs.

· Silver soldering techniques 

· The use of the rolling mill for applying texture to silver

· Granulation – a decorative technique whereby tiny silver balls are created and applied to another metal surface.

· Applying texture using various hammers and punches.

· Keum-Boo – an ancient Korean process in which 23ct gold sheet is bonded using heat and pressure to the surface of fine silver. 

· Stone setting – bezel and tube setting cabochon and faceted stones

· Ring making – design and make your own ring

· Wax carving for casting – the technique whereby  hard carving wax is sculpted to create 3D forms. Then it is sent for professional casting using the Lost Wax Process.

· Bangle making – make a silver bangle with texture if you like.

· Fold forming – the process of creating sculptural shapes using forming hammers and blocks.

· Silver spinner rings – make a spinner ring with one or more silver or gold spinning wire insets

· Sea Glass Workshop – use beach treasure to create coastal themed jewellery.

Some of the processes above are not suitable for complete beginners, as tool handling skills are required. These are just some of the processes that can be explored. Please do get in touch if you would like to try anything else.


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